18 Herbs Organics Amla Fruit Fresh


Respiratory & Digestive Health

Indian gooseberry or Amla (Emblica officinalis), is one of most important medicinal plants in traditional medicine and food.

Amla contains effective broad-spectrum antioxidants which ingest free radicals to fight disease, soothe inflammation and slow the aging process.

Amla improves respiratory health by nourishing the lungs and the entire respiratory tract. Intake of amla juice has historically been used to improve respiratory health such as asthma.

Amla juice has been used as a weight-loss supplement. The antioxidants speed up metabolism, which increases passive fat-burning, while helping to lower LDL (bad) and increase HDL (good) cholesterol  levels.

Amla juice is useful for hair health — it stimulates the health of hair follicles, prevents dandruff and soothes inflammation.

18 Herbs Organics sources quality Amla fruits from Periyakulam and tracts of South India which scrupulously adhere to organic methods of crop production that does not use any pesticides and harmful chemicals.

18 Herbs Amla Fruit Fresh is tested by some of the world’s most reputed analytical laboratories.

Available sizes: 500ml PET bottle



  • Rich source of natural Vitamin C that flushes toxins and builds immunity
  • Improves respiratory health
  • Contains powerful antioxidants with disease­-fighting abilities
  • It reduces acidity and aids digestion
  • Helps lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and aids weight loss

This is natural product — sometimes the colour, smell and consistency tend to vary. However, product efficacy remains unchanged.

Available sizes: 500ml PET bottle


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