Having healthy hair is every woman’s dream. But the critical aspect to tame those long tresses is to follow a regime of timely nourishment and care, both from within and topically. A balanced diet and ample fluid intake are the very important components of your daily routine to stimulate the hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth. In addition, proper and periodic oil massage, gentle wash and minimal use of styling products and dry heat are the cardinal rule to ensure not to invite any health woes.

Hair Problems

Lack of overall care gives rise to split ends, dull and frizzy hair due to weak hair follicles and unhealthy scalp. Besides other problems, baldness and premature greying has become a rising and common concern among the youth and the middle-aged men and women equally.When people start losing hair, their confidence also takes a big hit. Going by social norms, thick hair is a sign of masculinity and femininebeauty and youth, while hair loss and greying is seen as a starting sign of aging.

Problem with Hair Care Products

The secret to healthy and strong hair has been discussed and advised plenty of times on various social platforms and beauty magazines.

What most information on haircare fail to emphasize is the use of the right hair oil that is devoid of chemicals and rich in natural ingredients that truly benefit the hair. The market is brimming with hair care products, mainly hair oils but the truth is very few deliver the results that they claim to. The prime reason can be asserted to the flawedindustrial methods implemented towards extraction and purification of those oils. In addition, manufacturersuse of harsh chemicals to enhance the aroma, colour and appeal of these commercial hair oils that impair their authentic qualities. As a result, instead of reducing the hair problems, the problem exists or gets worse with time.

Karippan Thailam

Karippan thailam isa classical Siddha formulation,one of the most ancient system of traditional medicines of South India. Siddha means perfection and achievement wherein mind body and soul are considered equally important.

The oil is helpful in controlling hairfall, repair split ends,prevent early greying as well as relieve exhaustion of eyes and other eye ailments such as irritation. The process of preparing the Karippan thailam has been traditionally mastered over the years to retain the utmost purity and benefits of its key ingredient, Bringha(or Bringharaj) and ensure high efficacy of usage.

The main ingredient of the formulation of Karippan thailam is Bringha, also known as kehraj in Hindi that has a proven ability to cure hair problems and work wonders on scalp and hair.Scientifically known as Eclipta alba it is native to India though it is also found in China, Thailand, Brazil and North America. It is also popular in Chinese medicine (as Han Lian Cao) as a treatment for hair loss. Bhringa promotes growth of hair follicles and strengthens the roots.

The herb is scientifically proven to awaken hair follicles from their dormant state (telogen phase) and prolong the amount of time they stay in the active, growing stage (anagen phase). As the scalp health improves it shows related results – control or reduce hair fall, strengthens and thickens the hair at its roots, calms / relaxes the mind and promotes sound sleep.

How to Apply

Apply Karippan thailam on the scalp either early morning or evening. Massage gently. Leave it for 20­-25 minutes. Wash hair thoroughly with shikakai or shampoo in lukewarm water. Repeat the routine 3­-4 times a week for best effects. Use a wooden comb (preferably neem) as plastic combs produce static electricity that weaken hair follicles and results in hair loss.