Green tea has several health benefits because of its antioxidant properties. The naturally occurring antioxidants in green tea can be boosted with the addition of lemon, which is full of important nutrients like vitamin C.

A lot of people pass on green tea due to its potential bland taste while they oddly prefer to buy expensive health supplements! Green tea with lemon is not only an elixir rich in nutrition with multitude of health benefits, but also gives a unique tangy taste.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has antioxidants in abundance that protect your body’s cells from damage from environmental toxins and free radicals. Free radicals are created on a regular basis due to impact of pollution in our system and can cause a range of ailments. Green tea fights against bacteria and virus that attack the teeth, thus reducing the chances of plaque, cavities and tooth decay.

Moderate amount of L-theanine and caffeine in green tea act in synergy that potentially enhance brain functioning, unlike the buzz from coffee. It boosts the metabolism thereby leading to oxidation of fat and subsequently dissolve the fat selectively. Green tea lowers the risk of having type 2 diabetes that results because of high sugar levels and insulin resistance. Antioxidants in the green tea protect the good cholesterol in blood from oxidation which can result in cardiovascular diseases; thus, reducing the risks of heart diseases.

Benefits of Lemon

Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C, one of the key antioxidants, protecting the cells from harsh effects of free radicals. Vitamin C again inhibits the occurrence of heart diseases and stroke by lowering the blood pressure. Due to its natural acidic ability, lemon is used as an antiseptic and anti-viral agent.

Lemon cleanses the blood and removes the toxins from the system, thereby warding off diseases and infection. Lemons are one of the most alkalizing foods for the body, thereby balancing pH levels of body-making it an active disease fighter. Symptoms of cold and flu can be appeased through regular intake of lemon tea.

Due to its detoxifying property, citric acid tends to energize the body and freshen the brain, resulting in better attention and clarity of mind. Lemons are recommended for weight loss and to reduce formation of wrinkles on face and skin. Lemon is a natural laxative and diuretic that aids in digestion and keeps the system clear. Citric acid present in lemon prevents accumulation of calcium. Excessive calcium can result in formation of kidney stones.

Benefits of Lemon in Green tea

Green tea has several benefits to health, but when infused with lemon the effects are splendid. Lemon boosts the health benefits of green tea, as citrus juice makes green tea’s antioxidants more readily available for your body.Lemon and green tea both help in weight loss but when consumed together they fight fat more effectively.

A study in Japan showed that nearly 42,000 people who had lemon juice and also had green tea daily significantly reduced the risk of developing cancer.

In twin studies conducted by Purdue University researchers concluded that citrus juice accentuates the capabilities of cells to absorb the catechins (the main source of green tea’s antioxidants) by 13 times.

Green tea itself has a wide range of health benefits; lemon becomes a taste factor and an additional superfood that boosts the unique features of green tea practically elucidating the phrase ‘two birds with one shot’!